Whether you are the owner operator of a small single engine aircraft or you operate some of the most advanced aircraft in corporate aviation, National Aviation and Marine Underwriters is your advocate for all of your insurance needs.

We are a family owned and operated small business that has been dealing directly with aviation insurance since 1976.  We take pride in offering the highest levels of service that you can only receive from a small family business.

From one pilot to another we understand the aviation industry and all of the unique challenges that owners and pilots may face.  You’ll find that you will be able to talk to anyone within National Aviation and Marine Underwriters at almost any time of the day.  We consider our customers an extension of our family and we strive to give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy our great countries National Airspace System.

National Aviation and Marine Underwriters parent company Gaylor Insurance Agency is located in a small community in Northern Michigan and was founded by Howard “Corky” Gaylor in the 1960’s.  We are a community and family grounded business that believes deeply in serving the community.  We look forward to you joining our extended family! 

Driving by farm land in southern Michigan most people have seen those daring crop duster pilots flying low over fields. This type of flying as one could imagine has unique risks involved not seen in normal flight operations. To the crop duster pilot this is normal and we understand that and will work to get you the best rates possible.

National Aviation and Marine wants to insure your airport. We deal only with industry leading insurance companies that provide the best coverage at the best rates for your airport. If you are an airport manager give us a call for a quote.

Satellite and commercial space exploration. At National Aviation and Marine we understand that private organizations are going to increasingly venture into space. We have a keen eye on this market as we move into the future. Continue to check our website for updates in this unique field.

Today’s FBO’s have become hubs of business and leisure travel. National Aviation and Marine has extensive experience insuring risks of all types of commercial operations under our parent company Gaylor Insurance. We understand the unique nature of this business and can find you the best coverage at the best rates.

Flight Schools represent the future of aviation. At National Aviation and Marine, we understand the unique challenges involved with owning and operating a Flight School. We understand the unique risks involved with flight schools and we will work to ensure you get the best rates and coverage for your business.

Piston and Turbine. Helicopters are very complex pieces of human ingenuity. They represent a very unique relationship in the man and machine interface. Because of this, risk is elevated for all parties involved in helicopter operations. It is very common to have extensive pilot flight and training requirements involved with insuring these types of aircraft. National Aviation and Marine can help you get the best rates because we have extensive relationships with industry leading insurance companies.    

We live in a global society. Business has increasingly become a global enterprise requiring an increased ability to travel throughout the world. The corporate jet aircraft is truly a time machine. National Aviation and Marine provides the peace of mind your company needs to complete this part of your business. We are your advocate and partner in safe travel throughout the world.

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Most pilots start their flying careers in aircraft that they don’t own. To be covered in these types of situations ask about a non-owned aircraft insurance policy. You don’t want to have an incident while learning to fly that leaves you legally liable to pay large sums of money.

Small single and twin-engine piston-driven aircraft typically provide the private owner the ability to travel for leisure. Insurance companies have a stake in you, the pilot, operating your aircraft safely. Depending on the complexity and speed of the aircraft, some types of aircraft restrictions may be found in the policy. Most pilots start their flying careers in these types of aircraft, and may oftentimes fly aircraft that they don’t own. To be covered in these types of situations, ask about a non-owned aircraft insurance policy. You don’t want to have an incident while learning to fly that leaves you legally liable to pay large sums of money.

National Aviation and Marine can not only insure your aircraft we can also insure your hangar. One stop shopping for all of your aviation insurance needs.

The reliability and fuel efficiency of today’s single and twin-engine turbo prop-driven aircraft have made them increasingly valuable to owner-operators and corporations. The weight of the aircraft and the individual safety record of a given type of aircraft may determine what insurance requirements are in place. Typically, annual training and minimum Pilot in Command time are required to receive the best rates for insurance in these aircraft.

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Fixed-wing and Multi-copter technology leaps over the past decade in the aviation market have poised the UAV industry on the verge of becoming an everyday part of life. National Aviation and Marine understands this and is at the forefront of providing insurance products to these customers. As the FAA begins to standardize rules and regulations for the National Airspace System, having the right insurance product for your UAV operation is crucial. As of today, liability-only coverage is being offered.